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    FALL 2017

Samuel Beckett with his Gucci hobo bag, Genoa 1971

PRESSURE (1976) R: Horace Ové

STREETKID (2017) R: CUSS, Vukani Ndebele

SAFE (1995) R: Todd Haynes


SAFE (1995) R: Todd Haynes



A few months into the Trump presidency, resistance finds itself at a performative peak. Given the recent surge in public protest, social media continuously blurs the lines between virtual and actual policy. However, there’s a fine line between activism and smugness. While resisting white supremacy might seem like the noble choice to caucasian liberals, complacency was never an option for those marked as “other”. To garner a minimum level of…


In the summer of 2015 Adrian Piper initiated a peculiar email correspondence. Shortly after garnering the Golden Lion at the Venice Biennale for The Probable Trust Registry: The Rules of the Game #1-3, she approached Udo Kittelmann, director of the Nationalgalerie in Berlin, trying to persuade him to buy her installation. As a Berliner by choice, Piper wanted her installation to be on display in the German capital and advertised…